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We are highly experienced, highly qualified Investment Property Loan Structuring Specialists.

We concentrate on tried and proven basics of property investing principles, supporting you every step of the way.

We are dedicated to giving you the required Knowledge to Plan and then Organise your future Wealth through property investment.

Our promise is full transparency and confidentiality at all times.


- KNOWLEDGE Move forward with the clarity, confidence and opportunity provided by knowledge
- PLANNING The proven process for success
- ORGANISING Obtain the best and most cost effective outcome
- WEALTH The final step in realizing your investment potential


The need for a well defined, clear and specific plan of action in our lives is crucial to all areas of our life.

This is especially true when formulating our investment goals. We can assist  in this regard by helping to formulate an individual plan which will:-

- Give maximum purchasing capacity, flexibility and control to you (not the lender)
- Take into consideration your unique and ever changing circumstances (because everybody is different)
- Be structured in such a way as to maximise your investment 'good debt' and minimise your personal "bad debt"
- Ensure that your Investment Property and Home Property are not "Cross Securitised"

To get the "Ball Rolling" simply give us a ring on 1300 139 299.. So much can be achieved by just having a small chat. And it's all free.


As an investor, Aviate Group understands that you appreciate extensive research, value your security and require strong, stable performance from your property investment now and into the future.

Whether you are a first time or experienced investor, we take the time to find out exactly what you are looking for from your property investment so we understand your financial goals. We then develop an individually tailored investor profile to ensure any opportunity we present to you meets all your investment needs.

We manage your property investment from identification, through to negotiation and post settlement, providing regular progress updates at each stage of the process. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we negotiate a price for you that is always at or below independent bank valuation.

You will have access to our uniquely stringent and fiercely independent documented research so you can be sure any property we present will tick all your investment boxes.

As an Aviate Group investor you will enjoy a diverse range of benefits including:

  • Access to extensive research
  • Maximised tax benefits
  • High yield returns
  • Capital growth opportunities
  • Wealth creation
  • Delayed settlement
  • Quality calibre of tenant
  • Peace of mind

For more information please follow this link About Aviate

For more information on current property listings please contact Mike at this office on 1300 139 299 or Mobile 04121 222 99


The amount of research that is done on listings is very comprehensive (Hence their reputation).& Aviate can provide a complete analysis of the cost of holding one of their properties (including significant depreciation benefits) braking it down to  a weekly basis (after tax).

 Significantly Bank Panel Valuers are employed at an early stage as a safety net to minimise the risk of a valuation coming in low on completion .

As the majority of Aviate's listings are "off the plan" there are significant advantages but there are also potential risks that you need to be made aware of before proceeding in this type of investing

Please give us a ring on 1300 139 299 or Mike's Mobile 0412122299 for details of current listings-We can analyse your particular circumstances, provide you with a property building strategy/blue print & guide you through the process.

 If dealing direct with Aviate please note us as a referrer. (You will need to be pre qualified  at some time to proceed with or enter an expression of interest)




- 3686.1 square kilometres

- 420km north of Sydney

- 510km south of Brisbane

- On the coast at the mouth of the Hastings river


- Has been referred to by the CSIRO as one of the best climates in the country

- Sub-tropical / Temperate

- An average yearly temperature of between 12.6 and 23.6 degrees.

- Annual rainfall of around 1300mms


- Linked to both Pacific and Oxley highways

- Less than 4 hours to Sydney by road (time will diminish further as highway improvements are completed)

- Access to rail services in Wauchope (19kms inland)

- Recent $21m expansion of Port Macquarie airport to allow for higher-capacity aircraft

- Qantas flies 5 times daily to Sydney (less than 1 hour flying time)

- Virgin Australia flies 2 times daily to Sydney (less than 1 hour flying time) and Brisbane (1 hour flying time)


- The Hastings area encompasses Port Macquarie, Wauchope, The Camden Haven, Bonny Hills and many smaller township, and is inhabited by 72,696 residents (Census - 2011)

- 48% (34,935) males, 52% (37,761) females (Census - 2011)

- Port Macquarie is the fastest growing place in NSW

- Port Macquarie - 42,617 residents (in 2011)

- Estimated to grow to almost 60,000 by 2027

- Over 65s make up almost a quarter of the total population

- 82.6% of the population was born in Australia (Census - 2011)


- Median sale price of houses - $399,000 

- Approximately 34,000 dwellings in the Hastings area

- Median rent is currently $380/w (2013, with median mortgage repayments $399/w (2011 - Census)

- 40% of homes owned outright

- 30% are rentals

- 24% are purchaser

- 6% are other

- Of the occupants

- 67.8% are family households (2011 - Census)

- 29.4% are single or lone person households (2011 - Census)

- 2.8% are group households (2011 - Census)


- Public Primary

-  Port Macquarie Public School

- Westport Public School

- Hastings Public School

- Catholic Primary

- St Joseph's Primary School

- St Peter's Primary School

- St Agnes' Primary School

- Other Primary

- St Columba Anglican School

- Port Macquarie Adventist School

- Heritage Christian School

- Public High Schools

- Port Macquarie High

- Westport High

- Private High Schools

- St Pauls High School

- St Josephs Regional College

- St Columba Anglican School

- Heritage Christian School

- Mackillop Senior College (Years 11/12)

- Newman Senior Technical College (Years 11/12)

- Tertiary Facilities

- North Coast TAFE

- University of Newcastle

- Charles Sturt University (Opening March 2014)


- Port Central Shopping Centre

- Settlement City Shopping Centre

- Shopping complex at Sovereign Hills

- Several supermarket and specialty store complexes (Tacking Point, Oxley Highway, Hastings River Drive)

- A large Kmart complex is planned for a central Port Macquarie CBD location, bringing an additional 300 jobs to the region 


- The Port Macquarie / Hastings area is by and large a tourism driven centre, being of the top (if not THE top) tourist destinations in the state. The tourism industry, which includes large portions of the retail, accommodation and hospitality sectors, noticeably dominates employment in the region, alongside Health, Disability & Aged Care Services (to cater for an ageing population) (see INDUSTRIES). The following is a sample of the annual events that take place in the region:

- Pacific Slam Basketball - January

- Golden Lure Fishing Tournament - January

- NSW State Junior Touch Competition - February

- Port Macquarie Running Festival - March

- Ironman Port Macquarie - April

- Big Band Music Festival - May / June

- Slice of Haven Food and Wine Festival - May

- Ironman Australia Triathlon - May

- Wintersun Nostalgia Festival - June

- National Bodyboarding Championships - July

- The Australian Surf Festival - August

- Australian Firefighter Championships - October / November

- Tastings of the Hastings - October

- NSW State Cup Football - November

- National Touch Football League - December

- Festival of the Sun Music Festival - December


- The Port Macquarie / Hastings area is by and large a tourism driven centre, and this is reflected in the following statistics. The tourism industry, which includes large portions of the retail, accommodation and hospitality sectors, is a dominant provider of employment in the region.

- Port Macquarie / Hastings annual GDP: $2.98 billion (growing steadily at around 4% p.a)

- The top 5 industries (employment wise) in the Hastings area:

- Professionals (20.7%)

- Clerical and Administrative Workers (15.5%)

- Technicians and Trade Workers (14.1%)

- Community And Personal Service Workers (12.2%)

- Sales Workers (12%)

- The top 5 industries (export value wise) in the Hastings area:

- Electricity, gas and water supply (30% of exports)

- Manufacturing (20.3% of exports)

- Property and business services (9.6% of exports)

- Retail and trade (7.3% of exports)

- Construction (5.6% of exports)


- From the 2011 Census, Port Macquarie an unemployment rate of 6.8%

- Currently, 53.1% of residents are employed full time, with 34.7% on a part-time basis (Census - 2011)

- Essential Energy (formerly Country Energy) is traditionally the largest employer in the area.

- $471 is the median weekly individual income, with households displaying a $855 weekly average.


- Thrumster

- Estimated viable population upon completion: 10,000 people

- Economic centre planned in conjunction with regional development to provide jobs and goods/services

- 400 - 600 new jobs in town centre, school and central community

- 200 - 400 new jobs in industry

- Sovereign Hills

- A $1 billion development

- Providing up to 3,500 new homes

- Supported by own economic and shopping hub, including a new Woolworths store

- It is one of the first towns in the world to be linked by an ultra-fast fibre-optic intranet

- Rainbow Beach

- Residential development in the Bonny Hills area

- Will boost population of Bonny Hills / Lake Cathie to 10,000 residents

- Port Macquarie Airport

- $21 million investment for expansion, resurfacing and general improvements

- Works have been completed November 2013, with flights to Cairns, Melbourne, Darwin expected to be announced early in the new year

- Alongside existing carriers Qantas and Virgin Australia, interest is highly anticipated from other regional airlines (Jetstar, Scoot, Tiger, Rex etc).

- Port Macquarie Base Hospital

- $110 million worth of improvements underway

- Expected to be completed February 2014

- Will generate an additional $40 million in wages and supplies into the local community annually

For more information on the economic development and outlook for the Port Macquarie Hastings Area, please click the following link: HERE

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