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The NSW State government have begun the process of to enact a series of reforms to the Strata Laws. 

"The reforms are designed to: 

• empower communities to make their own decisions in a democratic way; 

• foster a culture of community and cooperation; 

• improve governance through greater transparency and accountability; 

• help ensure building defects are identified and rectified earlier; 

• establish a fair process for the collective sale and renewal of strata schemes; 

• provide a simple and effective means for resolving disputes; 

• recognise the importance of communication and education; 

• provide protection for individuals from unfair practices; 

• encourage participation in meetings and decision-making by residents and owners; 

• be future orientated, with emphasis given to modern technology; 

• establish flexible administrative and management arrangements; and 

• reduce red tape, update terminology and simplify requirements.

The Government is currently drafting a Bill that will give effect to the reforms outlined in this paper and will aim to table the Bill in the Parliament in early 2014".

 -Strata Title Law Reform, Strata & Community Title Law Reform Position Paper; NSW State Government; November 2013

For more information, please visit the NSW State Government website HERE