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06/03/2018 - Reserve Bank meeting

Easy decision - no change for now....

We are experiencing a benign environment for interest rate movements either up or down. After APRA regulations restricting availability of loans to investors, we actually saw rates for owner occupied loans fall and the difference between owner occupier and investor interest rate loans is now reducing. APRA are starting to make noises that they are satisfied that the market has stabilised. We're likely to see a flat year for interest rates.

While the economic outlook has, if anything, improved in recent times, the economy is far from overheating, inflation remains well contained, and the Australian dollar arguably remains a tad high. The Reserve Bank has left rates at their current highly accommodative level for now and will continue to do so for at least the next few months to allow the economy to continue to gather momentum. A rate hike will likely become a more serious consideration later in the year.

For now the RBA noted there was uncertainty about household demand for goods and services not being strong enough to boost the economy and inflation. "Household incomes are growing slowly and debt levels are high," RBA Governor, Philip Lowe said.

Most of the economists who think there will be a rate rise this year expect only one, so your mortgage is unlikely to be trashed by a painful spike in borrowing costs.

Regardless of what happens with RBA rate moves, every borrower should be checking their loan and their mortgage rate today.

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